Affekt (Pathos)
PAUL AND PATHOS, hg.v. Th.H. Olbricht/J.L. Sumney (SBL symposium series 16) Atlanta, Ga. 2001; (7-
    22: Ol
bricht, Thomas H.: Pathos as proof in Greco-Roman rhetoric/23-37: Poster, Carol: The affections of
    the soul :
pathos, protreptic and preaching in hellenistic thought/39-68: Kraftchick, Steven J.: Pathe in Paul :
    the emo
tional logic of "original argument"/71-96: Keck, Leander E.: Pathos in Romans? : mostly prelimina-
    ry remarks/
97-113: Thurén, Lauri: "By means of hyperbole" (1 Cor 12:31b)/115-126: Eriksson, Anders:
    Fear of eternal
damnation : pathos appeal in 1 Corinthians 15 and 16/127-145: Thompson, James W.: Paul's
    argument from
pathos in 2 Corinthians/147-160: Sumney, Jerry L.: Paul's use of pathos in his argument
    against the oppo
nents of 2 Corinthians/161-179: Fredrickson, David E.: "Through many tears" (2 Cor 2:4) :
    Paul's grieving
letter and the occasion of 2 Corinthians 1-7/181-202: Martin, Troy W.: The voice of emotion
    : Paul's pathetic
persuasion (Gal 4:12-20));